Electric Bass Guitar


  • YAMAHA RBX4 A2 White Bass Guitar
  • Seattle White Bass Guitar, Model BG-STL-WH V2 with a Carry Bag
  • Artist Vintage-Hybrid White Active/Passive Bass Guitar
  • Fender Squier Classic Vibe'50s Precision Bass White Blonde Electric Bass Guitar
  • Fender PB-70 Precision Bass Reissue MIJ 1999-2002 White
  • Fender 4 String Precision Bass, Olympic White, 2012, Upgraded. Mods available
  • Squier Classic Vibe 60's Precision Bass Olympic White 2011
  • Vintage VJ74 ReIssued Maple Fingerboard Bass Guitar Vintage White
  • Sire Marcus Miller V7 Alder 4-string Bass Guitar Antique White
  • RARE Vintage 1966 Hagstrom 1 Bass guitar made in Sweden WHITE Kent Futurama
  • Ibanez SDGR Bass Guitar With Active CAP Pickups (PEARL WHITE)
  • Steinberger Spirit XT-2 Standard Bass Guitar, White
  • Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro Alpine White
  • Fender American Performer Precision Bass Arctic White RW
  • Fender Classic 60's Jazz Bass Olympic White 2013
  • Starmaker bass guitar in black and white good condition some scuffs see pics
  • Squier 40th Anniversary Jazz Bass Gold Edition Olympic White
  • Coban Guitars DIY Bass Guitar 30 Scale Length MT1 Mahogany Chrome White Pick