Electric Bass Guitar


  • Black Aria Magna Bass Guitar With AriaPro II Pickups & Maple Fretted Neck
  • Ibanez SDGR Bass Guitar With Active CAP Pickups (PEARL WHITE)
  • Lindo Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar BODY with P-Bass Pickups & Hardware
  • Westfield 5-string bass, small lightweight body, full 34 scale, PJ pickups, used
  • Carlsbro Electric Bass Guitar in Black EMG Pickups Beginner Bass
  • Squier by Fender 2006 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass upgraded pickups and hard case
  • Groove PJ2024 Electric Bass 4 strings P + J Pickups (With or Without Case)
  • Electric Bass Guitar Curved Top and back Active pickups Nickel frets by SX
  • Bass Guitar Shine Electric 4 String Through Neck Fusion Style Pickups Brown Z-54
  • Bass Guitar Electric Shine 4 String SB614 Soapbar Pickups Maple Top Active Y31
  • Bass Guitar Shine Electric 4 String Telecaster Style Humbucker Pickups Z-59